Stop suffering in your mind. You have the power to change your own life. Let's do it together...


  • Do you feel as though life is hard and you're exhausted everyday?
  • You've hit rock bottom and have no idea what to do next.
  • You want things to be different, but you don't know where to start?
  • You are a rule follower but the rules are causing you grief, stress and anxiety?
  • You'd rather making yourself small than cause any trouble with the people you love.
  • Do you constantly find yourself suffering in silence with no clue how to break free?
  • You feel like the world is out to get you and you just need a break (or someone to save you)?
  • Do you have limiting beliefs about your body, feel ashamed, or unsupported in your life?
  • Do you have a hard time achieving goals? Acknowledging your wins? Or feeling accomplished?
  • Do you feel as though you are not a priority in your life and want to change that?
  • Are you ready to step into your own power and transform your life?


  • You feel overweight, unattractive and unlovable…
  • You feel lonely and out of touch…
  • You feel like you don’t know what you want in your life, and maybe there is shame around that…
  • You worry about what other people think.
  • You feel stuck in a box and WANT OUT!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.

The world we live in is constantly evolving, yet so many of us struggle to live in it with FULL acknowledgement of our truth, our power and our integrity.

This is because we have been trained and conditioned through patriarchal belief systems to think this way.  Our beliefs are not ours… They have been borrowed by our teachers.

Let me ask you this…

If you could learn skills that would help you wake up and become and Awake & Aware Warrior so you can pay attention to your life from a new lens, would you?

Do you want to stand in your own power, feel in alignment and make choices that fill your cup with love and unconditional acceptance?

Can you imagine creating a world around you that heals, fulfills and serves your highest good? YOUR HIGHEST POWER?

Can you image creating healthy boundaries, building self-confidence and accepting who you are with love and respect so you can show up for other more fully?

You can do it. I can help.

My coaching program: The Big Shift: Transform & Redesign Your Body & Mind is a 6-week interactive online program that teaches you, supports you and gives you the tools to shift your life at your own pace.

These lessons and strategies are NOT taught to us as we grow up… but it’s time to learn!

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The Big Shift Testimonials Clare Lambert
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How to break and heal old shame cycles… so you can make decisions (ie: diet & exercise) for your body based on love NOT fear.

How to create boundaries, improve your relationship to yourself, toward food, toward fitness and toward the people in your life so that you can lift your vibration and build confidence and trust in your body.

How to discover what you really want in life… so that you have a clear path of where you want to go.

How to pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs… so that you can understand where they came from and begin to redesign how you want to see the world.

How to give yourself permission to feel and then experience your emotions… So that you no longer need to suppress them and have them resurface time and time again.

How to face old trauma with love and compassion… so that you can begin to heal and fill your own cup with love and respect.

How to re-write your story and live as a priority without guilt, shame and judgement!!

It is time to take responsibility for yourself and treat yourself like the superstar that you are!

The Inner Circle Program Includes:

THE BIG SHIFT: Transform, Redesign & Master Your Body & Mind (Valued over $5500, but you won't pay that when you join the Inner Circle)

  •  6 Modules.
  •  43 lessons.
  • 3 one on one 30 minutes coaching calls with yours truly.
  • Unlimited voice messaging through Voxer for an entire YEAR.
  • & Access to the Elisa Unfiltered Facebook group for life-long support.

Module 1: Mastering Awareness ($1249 value) Learn what it means to live a life with awareness, understand your agreements, identify core beliefs and domesticated thoughts, begin your practice of awareness with support and begin your mediation journey.

Module 2: The Ego ($997 value) Understand the difference between ego and instinct, understand the ego and how it creates the illusion of separateness.  Deep dive into your attachments, Judge & Victim personalities, and wake up to your knowing.

Module 3: Your Love Foundation ($497 value) Acknowledge and gain perspective on your love foundation. Build loving language. Identify unconditional and conditional love patterns, habits and conditioning in your life. Begin shifting your love foundation, heal and meditate from your heart space.

Module 4: Your Relationship to Yourself ($497 value) We deep dive into all things YOU.  Learn to understand your relationship with yourself and others. Become a priority in your life.  Understand your relationship with fitness, food, diet culture and rewire your beliefs and expectations to stand in your own power.

Module 5: The Healing Circle ($1399 value) Begin your journey of self-healing.  Connect with like minded people, create healthy boundaries, give yourself permission to be who you are, change your story, develop a consistent and fulfilling self-love practice, find silence, and find yourself.

Module 6: Living Your Truth ($797 value) Put all of your learning into practice within this hand holding structure.  Give yourself permission to fear, fail and fall.  Understand the pendulum swing of life and that nothing lasts forever. And lastly, commit to yourself and live with awareness.

The Big Shift Testimonials Emilie Brown
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SO if you are ready to:

  • Break the shame cycle.
  • Respect and appreciate your body no matter what.
  • Make decisions for yourself out of love NOT fear.
  • Understand and practice awareness.
  • Understand and re-write your limiting beliefs.
  • Build a new and unconditional love foundation.
  • Improve your relationship to yourself and others.
  • Heal your past traumas and pain body.
  • AND best of all, Live your truth with integrity for a worry free, guilt free and stress free life.


If that wasn't enough to get your juices flowing with inspiration, I have another juicy bonus for YOU!!!

For a limited time ONLY, I am offering my self care program

THE VOW: 21 Days of Self-Care (a $197 value) for FREE!  Yup!  I said FREE!


If you have been struggling with your self-care, body image, diet culture messaging, negative self-talk or feelings of loneliness throughout this crazy pandemic...

Or if you've tried to make yourself a priority, only to be swallowed up by the expectations and conditions of your life...

Or you currently feel heavy, overweight, and exhausted from failed diet and exercise programs that just aren’t working...


Here’s the thing…

After years of stumbling, yo-yo dieting, gaining and losing confidence, looking up to mentors who make promises of self-fulfillment and a TON of bad advice, I have learned WHAT IT REALLY TAKES TO BUILD A SUCCESSFUL SELF-CARE ROUTINE.

  • It isn’t about spending more money…
  • It isn’t about spa days & expensive creams…
  • It isn’t about reading the best-selling books or faking it until you make it…
  • It is about your ability to truly believe that you are a priority, understand your worth as a beautiful human,  creating the RIGHT kind of space, and making time for ritual and routine that fills your soul.

That is why within “THE VOW: 21 Days of Self-Care” we will be rolling up our sleeves together, cutting through the noise of self-care gurus and getting straight to the transformative self-care that you are craving in your life right now.


Monthly Meditations

Monthly Recipes

Each month, you will have the exclusive opportunity to learn from new teachers and experts as well as myself, with new content, accountability exercises and so much more!


"The Vow was an incredible reset to evaluate your self care practices and introduce new ideas into your life. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective to change your mindset and work towards the best and healthiest version of you!"


Portland, USA


"The VOW is a gift you should give yourself at any age. The course is laid out well and allows for growth in mental, spiritual and physical self. Setting yourself up each day to accomplish your Vow for the day works. It has definitely changed my well being and acceptance. Do it for yourself!"


Ottawa, Canada


"I truly enjoyed taking the VOW. It was challenging, yet I felt energized by its simplicity. The mindset and intentions are constant challenges throughout the 21 days. Elisa guides you in a way that will make you feel confident enough to push yourself... And to find what piece is missing, or wish selfcare practice you need, or simply that you need to define some new space within... I truly recommend the VOW :)"

Alison W

Vancouver, BC


"What an exciting 21 days! I learned so much about myself and felt so guided and supported through the whole process. What an exceptional experience with many AHA moments to be had! I feel strong and am so excited to continue this awareness practice. My heart is full of gratitude. Thank you!"


Quebec, Canada


"This three week program helped so much with my self care practice. The mindset work really helped me realize that I should be valued and that I deserve self love."

Cassandra W

United Kingdom

There is no better way to start something for yourself than today… Join me, and over our 21 days together, You will receive a DAILY email that includes:

  • Setting dedicated time to create space for a KILLER morning routine.
  • Your daily VOW: A clear promise to yourself for the day.
  • Clear instructions on your daily tasks, what you will need for that morning and a some extra challenges you can do throughout your day.
  •  INTENTION SETTING: Setting specific daily intentions so you can get clear on what you want.
  • MEDITATION: Embarking on a new meditation practice so you can clear out the noise and learn to trust your gut.
  • MINDSET: Opening our hearts and minds to various Mindset exercises so you can heal, grow, laugh, and show up for yourself with confidence.
  • Creating Space and Time to make YOU a priority in your life so you can live your truth and be proud of the pathway and journey.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Its time to stop doing the same thing over and over… You want something new? Then you need to DO SOMETHING NEW!  AND THIS IS IT.  After out 21 days together, you will have over a hundred different NEW practices under your belt to make your self-care ritual your own!

Want to hear the best part?

I have teamed up with my friends over at Ritual by Pure, Ottawa’s newest and more powerful intension setting workouts (think Yoga meets plyometrics) for FREE online workouts streamed LIVE right to your living room. That is a value of $50/month!!!

We are hooking you UP, and together we are going get back in alignment, and build a healthy self-care practice that nurtures, builds strength and confidence in your body, mind and soul without the same of guilt.

So if you are ready to make yourself a priority and cut through all of the noise, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!!

Joining the Elisa Unfiltered Inner Circle TODAY gets you immediate access to:

1. The Big Shift: Transform, Redesign and Master Your Body & Mind (6 week coaching program)
2. Three 1-on-1 coaching calls with Elisa Kurylowicz
3. Unlimited Voxer support
4. Access to the Elisa Unfiltered Facebook group: Body Love, Self-Care & Confidence: Success Through Community.


5. The Vow: 21 Day of Self-Care ($197 value for FREE)
6. Access to all course content for 1 FULL YEAR.

The time is NOW!!

You are beautiful
You are worthy
You matter.

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