What Setting High Quality Goals Really Looks Like (Solo Episode)

Need help setting goals that you can stick too? Does your goal setting fall short? Or does your fear of failure stop you from going for it?

I recently polled 250 members of my Elisa Unfiltered email list, and the number 1 answer on this poll was that people thought that in order to be successful and feel good in their lives, they needed to achieve all of their goals all of the time.

Now, the problem isn’t always achieving goals, it’s whether or not you are:

A. Trapped in the perfectionist circle of death.

B. Invested in the idea/mindset that if you miss reaching a goal you are a failure, or

C. If you’ve lost trust in yourself because the goals you reach have not brought you the success you’d hoped for.

SO in this episode we are going to break all of that down… ALL OF IT.

This is the first EVER goals setting podcast and trust me, you are not going to want to miss it. With 17 years of coaching and thousands of goal setting meetings and evaluations under my belt, it’s time to start setting goals the right way.

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