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The Grounded Man with Kurt Mansergh and Dan Gomez

This podcast all about MEN. It is for men, people who identify as men, and for women who want a deeper insight into the emotional, and mental side of men’s health in today’s world.

 I am sitting down for a conversation via Zoom with Dan Gomez and Kurt Manzer from The Grounded Man to talk about their break away movement and global network of grounded men. This is the first time I have interview two guests at once and I found this session to be most interesting and enlightening. Dan and Kurt are certified yoga teachers and physical trainers with experince coaching and connecting with men all over the world. Their outlook and perspectives are helping so many people figure out who they are and find self acceptance.

The Grounded Man is a community. It’s founding members have created a safe space for men, or people who identify as men to share their feelings, gain personal awareness, confidence, be accountable and integrate for a more grounded life. 

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