Special Episode: Self-Sabotage

I am honoured to sit on the mic today solo to discuss a topic that has been coming up for so many of us (including myself) over the last few month… self-sabotage.

In this episode I deep dive into what self-sabotage is, why we do, why we feel stuck, how we get unstuck and why WE are the reason we get into our own way.

Be prepared to be filled with loads of ah-ha moments, clarity and understanding. It’s time to feel our feelings, grow and expand in a way that brings us into alignment with our truth. You don’t need to keep defending an old narrative that is no longer serving you. You don’t need to run, hide and avoid yourself any longer. You are allowed to get the life you want and sit in the worthiness of that.

Want to explore this further? Go to www.elisaunfiltered.com to find out how you can work with me one-on-one and get the life you want without fear, shame, guilt or self-sabotage.

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