Single and Slaying It with Amy Young

DO you have loose boundaries in life? Are you living with co-dependant tendencies? Do you want to learn a little bit more about shedding the layers of who you are not so it feels easier to show up as who you really are?

My guest today is a life and love coach. She is teaching women (and men) all over the world how to get more love and give less fucks. You can maybe see why I love her already… Amy Young is a brilliant woman, who is spreading her message of self-love and independence with a sprinkle of comic relief.  

She is awake in her life, and pays attention. She encourages you to like yourself, love your life and become legitimately excited about the future you are creating.

This is why she is becoming one of my favourite influencers on the world wide web. Her practical, no bullshit tips on being single and slanging it (which is also the name of her signature course) are relatable not just to single women, but to everyone. She is all about empowering yourself in life and getting the love you want!

This podcast is for everyone. Single, Divorced, Married, Dating, whatever your status… it’s time to drop the labels and start focussing on YOU!!

If you love her just as much as I do, give her a follow at @amyyoungco on IG or check out her website

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  1. Caroline on 11/22/2019 at 12:51 AM

    Really enjoyed this podcast. Thank you Elisa!

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