Navigating Addiction, Diet Culture & Healing One Bite at a Time with Sarah Roberts

Let’s get real and raw today with a profound episode of learning, self-discovery, awareness and inspiration.

Sarah Roberts is a woman in long-term recovery from alcohol addiction. After she got sober, she transferred her addiction to sugar. Oh the mighty powers of sugar and the sugar industry… She then embarked on a 20 year healing journey and became a certified health coach in order to share the best of what she’s learned, with others.

The shame of both her addiction and her recovery kept her playing small in her life, and over the years, she’s uncovered a powerful mindset practice that’s allowed her to create a massive paradigm shift in the way she sees her health and her body that has become the foundation of her work today. Sarah is passionate about helping others avoid the pitfalls that kept her stuck and she’s on a mission to help people ditch diet culture and embrace food freedom in order to experience greater joy and freedom in their lives.

Get ready to be inspired, feel seen and heard because her journey has something for everyone.

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