Myth Busting Food Rules, Weight Loss & Healthy Living with Stephanie Kay

Stephanie Kay is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who teaches people how to make real food work for real life in a realistic way.  

She is the creator of her wildly successful online coaching program Red’s Reset. Her website has hundreds of delicious recipes from soups and salads, to chicken, meat, fish and vegetarian meals.

Stephanie has written a number of cookbooks including The 5 Ingredient Recipe Cookbook and The Healthy Lunch Boxes Cookbook (all available on her website).  

She is a corporate speaker and a trusted nutrition expert and a voice of reason in the health industry who has been featured on numerous TV programs and leading publications such as CTV, The Food Netword, Shape magazine, the globe and mail, Women’s health.

She is also hilarious and oh so relatatable.  

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