Meditation, Mindfullness, Wellness and Embracing Your Wholeness with Ashley Wray

Today my guest is Ashley Wray. She is the founder and CEO of Mala Collective which is a company that works with artisans in Asia (from Bali and India to Nepal) who create products that lend support for mindfulness and meditation practice.

Since creating Mala Collective in 2011, Ashley has taught mediation across North America. She has received her training from masters in LA, NY, India and Bali and has worked to make mediation and mindfulness more accessible and fun.

This episode is all about starting a practice, the power of affirmations, how to be busy and still mediate, how to be a more mindful partner, healthy mindful habits, overcoming adversity through this practice and getting back into alignment. UGH… We could also use some of that right now!

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