How Your Beliefs Make or Break Your Life

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Today is a special solo episode that dissects, teaches and offers real life example of how to not only cope and move through adversity (by observing your thoughts and beliefs) but also how the collective is approaching these fast moving changes. IN other words… falling in line.

The world as we know it is changing rapidly every single day and with that, comes so serious decisions about what path we want to follow… What side of the story we choose to believe… It can be a challenge to navigate…

How are your beliefs controlling you? Why do you believe the things you believe? How are beliefs formed? What happens when you step outside of your own beliefs? 

What are you prepared to do when you are conflicted by our beliefs? 

Press play and be prepared to be seen, heard, challenged, experience “ah-ha’s” and possibly be triggered by what I have in store for you today. 

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