Healing Through Food: The Bean Protocol with Karen Hurd

Karen is a Nutritionist and bio-chemist with a Masters of Science degree in biochemistry who has been in practice for over 30 years. Her philosophy on health is “Food has the power to kill: Food has the power to heal”. She promotes the use of dietary and lifestyle tools needed to unlock your best health.

She was put on my radar because of her now world famous “Bean Protocol”. I have personally been on the protocol for three months now and my internal world has changed, healed, relaxed… whatever you want to call it, all because of BEANS!

This is an incredible conversation jammed with emotion, real life truths, scientific breakdowns, the power of our incredible bodies, tapping into our higher power and being resilient in life. It’s a fascinating revelation showing how food can and will heal you.  

If you have never heard of the bean protocol or Karen Hurd, you are about to have your mind completely blown. This is a show you are going to want to listen to from beginning to end!

Find all things Karen Hurd at her website: www.karenhurd.com

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