Breaking Free From Narcissistic Abuse The Brave Way with Tierra Womack

Today’s show checks all the boxes in discussing the abusive of power of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. My guest is Tierra Womack, who is a specialist in Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She is the owner of The Brave Way, a one on one coaching program for woman to triumph over narcissistic Abuse.  

Tierra helps women find confidence and success, rediscover themselves, find their calling and most importantly, learn to monetize a soul-based business and let go of the financial trap of narcissistic relationships.

Now, there are people in positions of power in this world today who have Narcissistic Personality Discrder that are normalizing this type of behaviour and are making it ok. And in my opinion that is NOT OK!  In today’s show, we talk about narcissistic behaviour, what it looks like, what is feels like, and Tierra starts to unpack the impact of not only living with a narcissist but also how to break free from this abuse of power and regain your life. 

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