A Kinder Mind with Jewelia Orlick

Today I am interviewing the fabulous Jewelia Orlick who is a meditation teacher, mediation coach and thought leader. She teaches the benefits of being still while focusing on the power that your journey inward has to re-wire the grey matter in your brain so you can reap these benefits without conscious thought. 

Jewelia believes that being quiet enough to listen to yourself has the tendancy to show you exactly what you need.  She also believes that mediation is not just to be able to sit still and feel serene when we’re alone – but for life. For the times where life asks that we remain calm amidst the chaos. For the times when things are going great AND the times when they aren’t. 

You can find out more about Jewelia Orlick, including her Meditation membership SPACE on her website: JeweliaOrlick.com OR follow her on Instagram @jeweliaolickmeditation.


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