Let's work TOGETHER!

My name is Elisa Kurylowicz and I was born on May 12th, 1981 in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. From the moment I took my first breath on Earth, I knew that life would be awesome. I knew that I was going to do amazing things and be someone special. When I was born, I was the cutest little baby, with big blue eyes, a button nose and dark blond hair (yes, I’ve been highlighting since Kindergarden), and all I wanted to do was learn, and absorb everything there possibly was to know about the world! My plan from birth was to be the smartest, most athletic, most loving, perfect, happy human being, because let’s face it, I was born perfect, why not grow up to be perfect.

SO that is what I did. I learned. And boy did I do it well! Over the years, I was taught the ways of the world by my parents, my siblings, friends, teachers, my neighborhood, my country, even celebrities, books, movies, TV, and random strangers taught me things! All of these people helped me form my beliefs about life and how to live it, as well as my beliefs about myself and who I am.

I went from being a perfect little baby with nothing but my true essence radiating out into the world, to an adult with huge expectations, obligations, responsibilities, conditions, opinions, FEAR, and one hell-of-an awesome sense of humor. I learned exactly what is right and what is wrong on every topic imaginable. I learned what is pretty, ugly, bad, good, stupid, and all the ways that people judge where I grew up. I LEARNED all the things from all the people. I BELIEVED all the things from all the people. And then I learned how to defend all of these beliefs, stand by them, live by them… or else.

But then one day, about 5 years ago, I decided that I didn’t like all the things I had learned. I didn’t like all the things I believed. All of the crap in my brain was in there because of things other people “said” to me, or “showed” me at a time where I didn’t know any better. But this wasn’t me. It wasn’t my true essence. It was the essence of all the people, all packaged up with an ugly bow on top pretending to be me. And that is when I first recognized that I was desperately unhappy because I could finally see that I believed things that were not true to me.

From here, I recognized that the only way I could be truly happy living in this body, living in this mind, and be true to my authentic self was to unlearn everything I know about me, myself and I. I needed to change the story. Change the beliefs. Even change the people in my life. So that is what I did. And that is what I continue to do today. My perspective on life changed everything and that is why I am now Living Life Out Loud. So you wanna know more about me? Then follow me. And learn that my goal in life is for you to see that I know everything and I know nothing…