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Performance. Mindset. Awareness.

Welcome to Elisa Unfiltered! If you are looking for physical, mental and emotional FREEDOM, if you have the willingness to open your heart and mind to SHIFT your life, and maybe just to laugh out loud at yourself, play and have FUN, then you’ve come to the right place!


I started this Podcast to share my life’s journey. SInce then, I have evolved, my work has evolved, and I am showing up for you today as:

A Podcast host,
A Yoga Teacher,
Mental Health & Body Love blogger,
and as a Performance, Mindset and Awareness Life Coach.


You will learn how to live in alignment with your true self. You will wake up and become aware of what is no longer serving you. You will gain confidence, self awareness and self-love.

Together, we will change your story, show up for yourself and get really damn good at this life we are living.

From epic disasters to beautiful moments of clarity, my coaching comes from a place of authenticity, real life experince and a NO BULLSHIT approach that is filled with all of my pretty little secrets to live your best life. 



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