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Quitting Diet Culture and Choosing the Undiet Method with The Body Love Society

Today my show is all about breaking the spell of diet culture. 

Are you constantly thinking about your body and wishing it looked different?

Are you tired of comparing your body to your past self and those around you?

Is it a goal of yours to be at peace in the body you have right now?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this podcast is for you!

Today I am speaking to Jenna from the Body Love Society.  Jenna and her business coach partner Lauren have created a wellness space to find wellness without obsession. The goal is to stop dieting and make food choices easy. In this podcast we are diving in to understand the deep rooted myths of our Diet Culture so that we can break free from the spell and ultimately live our lives without food or body image obsession.  

The Body Love Society has also launched a new course called “The 21 Day Body Image Intensive”. This is a 21 day program costing $21 CAD with 50% of the proceeds going towards the LoveLand Foundation which makes it possible for Black women and girls Nationally to receive therapy. You can sign up for this course by checking out their IG page @thebodylovesociety and clicking the link in their bio, or going to their website

Give them a follow while you are there, as their work is not only creating a deep shift in me, but also in the lives of thousands of women and men across the country.

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