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My Plant Based Life with Amy Longard

My guest today is an Ottawa based registered holistic nutritionist, a plant based chef and consultant, AND an incredibly inspiring woman.  Her name is Amy Longard and she is here to share her story.  When I met Amy for the first time, I could relate to her immediately.  We share some similar life experiences in our health struggles and career changes. We both love discovering how FOOD affects our bodies, mood and well being. As a Vegan, plant based eater, Amy breaks down some myths and misconceptions about plant based diets. We speak about adding more vegetables to your diet to improve your life AND she gives some great tips on becoming a conscious eater.

Have you jumped on the Beyond Meat burger trend? Well guess what, we get into the do’s and don’ts of healthy Plant based eating too!

This episode is for anyone and everyone!!  I love speaking with nutritionists because I feel to educate yourself about what is really going on inside our bodies and how food truly affects us is part of being awake in life.

You can find Amy on her website or follow her on Instagram @amylongard

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