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Love Your Body

This week I am excited to talk all about my Love Your Body Challenge.  This  FREE 21 page e-book is downloadable by going to  Here you will find my Top 5 Tips on how to change the way you see your body.

In today’s podcast, I am taking a deep dive into these 5 tips, and sharing the difficult personal experiences that launched my determination to grow, heal and love who I am today in spite of my past.

This episode is for anyone who feels stuck, and is curious to discover the power of Self-love.  Learn what healthy Self-talk looks like, and how to build a strong and  healthy LOVE Foundation to enhance your personal bond to yourself, ultimately enabling you to LOVE YOUR BODY unconditionally.  Want to know more?  Take the challenge yourself and work through the exercises that bring awareness and attention to your life in a positive and loving way!

About the author, Elisa

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