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Healing Through Food: My 90 Day Detox

I began my detox 71 days ago. Since then, I have experienced a dramatic shift within my physical body.

I feel fantastic. I am happy. I am energized. I am confident. I am falling back into alignment with myself. I am falling back in love with me. You know—that flirty, fun loving, deep, authentic, crazy stupid love—for myself. What. A. Concept. 

However, my physical body has not been the only aspect of my being that is detoxing. Throughout this journey, I have also been detoxing myself from the toxic, painful, stressful, shameful story of my programming.

This podcast is all about my health journey, my relationship to food, the way I’ve chosen to show up for myself, how I am healing as well as the spiritual awakenings that have presented themselves to me along the way.

This episode is for everyone. It is jammed packed full of inspiration on so many levels. You can take from it what you want, but more importantly I’d love for you to join the conversation. Tell me what you think! Drop a comment, a DM on IG or send me an email. Let’s talk about it. 

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