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Fear, Perspective and Growing Spiritually with Adele Stratton

Feeling overwhelemed? Unclear in your relationships? Worried about the future?

My guest today is none other than my YODA, Adele Stratton. I call her my Yoda because she is an energy healer, an integrational Manual therapist and spiritual coach (just like YODA). From cranial sacral therapy, Viseral manipuation, aura reading, and hypnosis, all the way to trauma therapy, developmental trauma and etheric healing, ADELE offers some of the most advanced practices in the world. 


 I have been been working with her for over 10 years, and she has helped me to wake up in my life, heal from past relationships, and coaches me to make sense of the noise in my mind… in other words, the STORY!!  

This podcast is all about Fear, Perspective and growing spiritual during this unprecedented world crisis.

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