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Everyday Struggles with Adele Stratton

I’m so excited to share that my Yoda, Adele Stratton, is back on the show for the fourth time to share her wisdom and insight!  Today’s episode is about why everything feels so hard at this time of the year, and will help you through your “Everyday Struggles”.


Why are the days feeling so challenging?  What is actually happening and how can I get back to feeling like my normal self when I’m plagued with episodes of fatigue, exhaustion and a feeling of general unwellness?


The episode is geared for everyone.  Whether you are struggling or living your best life, the lessons, ah ha moments and life hacks Adele shares with us will carry you through any and all challenges you may face during the year.


You can find Adele at or on Instagram at @phoenixrisingHC and Facebook at Phoenix Rising Healing Centre.

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